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juice cleanse part two & whole living part one

April 18, 2014

I can’t even tell you how glad I am that I’ve been on this cleanse relay race for the past few weeks. It has changed so much about my food desires, my relationship with my body, and even my relationship with my husband. And this is only the beginning.

The end of the juice cleanse was pretty much a continuation of the changes I noted from the first part of the cleanse in my last entry. I started weaning back onto solid vegetables and fruits for the last two days of the juice cleanse to ease the transition to week one of Whole Living (produce plus legumes, nuts, seeds, oils and spices). It’s a good thing I did a more gradual transition than I had initially planned, because it was a bit of a shock to my system to go from a fiberless diet (juicing) to a high fiber diet (whole living week one)! My tummy didn’t know what to make of it, but maybe that’s part of the cleansing process. Probiotics helped a great deal.

The coolest part about transitioning from a juice cleanse to a clean, healthy diet was that the limitations didn’t bother me one bit. After juicing, any real food was welcomed as a treat (as it should be! as it is!), and I felt so satisfied with just beans and produce. I couldn’t believe it, honestly, and Sam felt the same way. I should mention that Sam is a tough critic of these things… he’s a meat and potatoes guy, but ever since this whole living thing started, he has realized that he doesn’t need nearly as much meat as he thought. I’m having a similar realization about carbs.


my chickpea, tomato & dill salad from the Whole Living plan

In fact, we are now on week two of Whole Living and we’re allowed to have gluten free whole grains as well as fish, but we’re hardly having much of either! Sam has decided he needs some fish every other day, and I’m good just having it once here and there. As for grains, maybe just a little each day is all we seem to need. I honestly could do without grains altogether, I think, once we add back in eggs and chicken and cottage cheese.

Next week for Whole Living week three we are supposed to add eggs and soy, but I’ve been reading up on soy, and I’ve decided to exclude it from my diet. I have a theory that much of my difficulty losing weight is due to hormonal issues, and soy is known to throw off hormones. I’m also trying to limit my exposure to hormone-altering chemicals as much as I can.

I’ve also been doing some research on the Slow Carb diet, as it is much like week one of Whole Living. I think the life-long eating plan I’m devising will be a mashup of Clean Eating and Slow Carb. I think I’ll call it the Slow Clean lifestyle.

It’s a big puzzle, and sometimes it seems like we can’t eat or touch anything at all if we want to be healthy! But I’m feeling hopeful, like I’m really unraveling something, and I’m not giving up this time.

❤ Diana Banana

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