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juice cleanse: part one (days 1-4)

April 4, 2014

Greetings from the half-way point of the Juice Cleanse!

Things are going great… as well as expected, and then some. Let me bring you up to speed.

Day #1:

The first day is always exciting. Just the novelty of making such a dramatic shift keeps things fresh and interesting. But it’s also one of the harder days in terms of cravings, energy levels, and (by the evening) those nasty cleanse headaches. As you may remember, I did the Master Cleanse a while back, so I do have a point of reference for the physical sensations of a cleanse. Still, each cleanse experience is its own. The Juice Cleanse allows for more variety (but also requires more prep time!), which keeps it more interesting… and it immediately felt “right” knowing I was feeding my body real nutrients this time.

I started the first day off by going to my now normal Tuesday morning Zumba class with my friend Kelli. Zumba was a nice way to start the day (always is!); it gave me energy and put me in a good mood. Usually Kelli and I like to go get green smoothies after class, but this week I had to go straight home to make my first juice. As soon as I got home, my husband Sam and I made our juice together (did I mention that Sam jumped on the Juice Cleanse bandwagon?! So awesome!)


First time using my new juicing cup from my juicing buddy, Kate!

The rest of the day went well. The juice always tastes better at the beginning, and I had fun experimenting with different juice recipes and flavor combinations as I worked from home (a nice luxury when you’re juicing).

In the evening, my little sister came over. When she got hungry, I made her some gluten free mac and cheese that I had bought for myself before the cleanse but didn’t get around to eating. She ate some of it and left the rest on the counter near the couch, right by where I was sitting. That was tough– mac and cheese is probably my favorite food, and knowing it was gluten free (i.e. made for me, right?!) made it seem wrong to tell myself I couldn’t have it anyway. But I made it… we threw it out and I moved on. (Lesson one: Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s automatically good for me to eat!)

That night after Wynnie left, Sam and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which is all about using the Juice Cleanse to lose weight, get rid of ailments, and get a fresh start. It really was a revelation. I saw how people farther off track than myself have the capacity to pick themselves up and make the change I’ve been slowly trying to make for years. It showed me that sometimes going quickly/head first can be the best way to ensure sustained motivation and change. It reminded me that there isn’t anything “wrong” with my body that can prevent me from getting to the weight I want. That part is huge. I think part of me has been walking around believing I can’t actually do this. But I can.

Day #2:


Look at all of that juice…. yum?

The second day was the hardest so far. People usually say Day #3 is the worst, but for me it came early. I woke up foggy and not entirely functional, and then I had to prep and juice about a billion fruits/vegetables before work… and I started stressing out and slightly cut my finger, so Sam stepped in and kicked me off the juicer! That was my little freakout of the week. I feel like we are all allowed one freakout when cleansing 😉

That being said, Day #2 wasn’t all bad. I had to commute into work that day, but i actually love my commute. It’s a beautiful drive through the outskirts of the east bay and into the south bay; it’s peaceful, almost meditative. I noticed that I wasn’t interested in the stimulation of music on my drive, which is something I usually enjoy. Just my thoughts and me together on the road. I can see why the dude in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead took a road trip while juicing 🙂 In fact, I thought a lot about that movie during that drive, especially about issues of personal responsibility he touches upon in his interviews with strangers in the film. That’s when I had a moment of clarity in which I told myself, “I am a grown woman; this is my body and my responsibility.” And in realizing these kinds of things, I begin to realize all of the things that have been holding me back.

I have a lot of anger about weight-related prejudice and attitudes in America, and much of it is justified. But it’s not doing me any good to hold on to that anger and to let it carry the power and responsibility of my body’s fate. I’m taking back the baton.

That was one of the highlights of Day #2. The rest of the morning and the afternoon were rough… trying to concentrate at work with a pretty decent-sized detox headache was not easy, and then I ran out of juice (literally!) and had to commute back home feeling really hungry and odd.

Spending time with Sam that evening was another highlight. We felt like we were in some kind of altered state, and our bodies felt more sensitive and alive. We passed out at 9:30, which is unheard of for us! I slept for twelve peaceful hours.

Day #3:

Like I said, Day #3 is supposed to be the worst, but I woke up feeling wonderful. I got to work from home again, which was great, but the funny thing (which I somehow didn’t consider pre-cleanse) is that a big part of my job is formatting cookbooks!! Staring at recipes all afternoon generated cravings for things I never crave: rabbit stew, Guatemalan salad, veal in tuna sauce. Obscure meals felt so real I could almost taste them.

That night I went to visit my brother Jon, but I couldn’t stay long because I ran out of juice and was starving. He was eating a bean and cheese burrito and a pickle on the side, and I didn’t know which part of the meal I wanted more! I’ve been craving vegetables, oddly… I want to feel the crunch in my mouth and the fiber in my tummy.

I went to the store and bought more produce to juice…

Juicing supplies, mid-week

Juicing supplies, mid-week

…then I went home and went to bed early again.

Day #4:

That brings us to today. Today I’m really thankful that I have an exit strategy (the Whole Living plan). I’ve been fantasizing about all of the satisfying, healthy meals I can make during week 1. I am going to be so freaking grateful for real, wholesome food, even if it is a limited diet!

Today I do feel a little lightheaded but my ability to focus has returned and I also feel more energized… it feels like there is a stream of energy in my veins. Could it be all of these micronutrients, or is it a sign that my body is detoxing? Maybe this is the way we’re supposed to feel all the time! (minus the lightheadedness 😉 )

More soon!

❤ Diana Banana

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