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checking in & looking ahead

March 28, 2014

I love that I created the Diana Banana Plan earlier this year because it gives me something to strive toward. It’s really a perfect plan for me, and it helps so much to see the landing strip ahead.

That said, I wasn’t able to sustain the plan when I jumped into it head first. I was amazed to notice how many of the foods I was eating–even after cutting out gluten and corn syrup a while ago–contained processed sugar and chemicals. Just cutting those ingredients is a big shift in and of itself, and that is my central focus for this year. Once I’m eating totally clean in the most basic sense (Method 1), then I can start cutting fats and carbs down to the kinds that are best for my body and spacing out my calories in smaller increments throughout the day (Method 2).

So, that’s the big picture.

In the short term, I’m gearing up for a juice cleanse with my dear friend Kate! This will be the kind of juice cleanse where your only food intake is freshly pressed juices from fresh, organic produce (of all kinds). We will be starting this exciting experiment on this coming Tuesday (April Fool’s Day 😛 … but I assure you we are serious!). We’re going to stock up on produce together, check in with each other, and keep each other motivated throughout the week. Then my plan is to transition off of the juice cleanse into the Whole Living food plan, which lasts for 21 days and weans you back on to “normal” food. It will serve as a reset button for my eating habits and help me clean out my system.


If the juice cleanse goes well, Kate and I will be doing them every few months to keep getting rid of weight, toxins, and bad habits. I think this kind of cleanse will be even more rewarding than the Master Cleanse was… it seems like it will feel more nourishing in the moment. If you’re interested in doing a juice cleanse, there’s a ton of information & loads of recipes out there… check out books, websites, dedicated blogs, Pinterest, etc. Here is a simple FAQ for the basics, and here are some great tips.

I’ll keep you posted on the experience!

❤ Diana Banana


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