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hello, 2014 {with open arms}

January 1, 2014

ImageHello, new year, my name is Diana. I like you. I actually need you, though I’m not really comfortable {admitting to} needing anything. I need your fresh air and your clean lines and your {illusion of a} clean slate.  

I think the thing a clean slate helps with the most is self-forgiveness, and we need to forgive ourselves in order to move forward. I’ve felt the weight of that heavy sack of guilt and self-fulfilling self-anger for much of 2013, even as I achieved many things and felt so loved externally. It was a good year… a great one, even. I got my Master’s degree, my design certificate, my first job on my dream career path, and I got to marry my best friend Sam. I even ran my first 5K…! BUT, I didn’t pace myself in a way that felt healthy and nurturing, and I didn’t really end up gaining or losing any of this weight I’ve been carrying.

Sometimes you just have to simplify life and remember to care for yourself. This is the theme I keep coming back to when I envision what I need in 2014. It’s time to focus on my body again rather than treating it like a superfluous time-suck. I’ve been nurturing the other parts of myself well; my mind, my creativity, and my heart are all feeling strong enough to kneel down and tend to the needs of my body. Time to do this.

It’s going to be a good year.

❤ Much love & best wishes,

Diana Banana

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