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closing the gap

June 18, 2012

Feeling like you’re supposed to paste workouts on top of an already full life can be isolating, cumbersome, and sometimes downright dreadful.  It really can’t be the only way to go… it’s not sustainable and it is a constant time and energy tug-of-war.  I’m realizing the key is all about tightening the gap between your workout life and your “regular” life with the goal of eventually melding the two completely together… this creates organic motivation and consistency in lifestyle ❤

Method One: On top of more rigorous workouts, do some sets at home when you’re lounging around.  Nothing strenuous or daunting, just some light dumbbell or floor exercises to get the blood circulating and the endorphins triggered… then back to regularly scheduled loafing 😉  This way your rigorous gym workouts will feel like they are an extension of the rest of your full and balanced life, not a detour from it.

Method Two: Don’t stop your life, add to it.  Example: rather than cancelling your social life to spend lonely weekend nights at the gym (though this can be nice because the gym is sooo much less crowded), just add something active to your friend time… dancing rather than sitting in a bar… going for a long walk rather than sitting on a deck on an inviting summer night.

Method Three: Re-work your identity until you become an outdoorsy type.  Then, live the dream! Having fun playing in nature is the easiest way for me to feel like being active is a totally integrated part of my life and not an extra demand on my time. Plus it’s fun to re-identify as outdoorsy… I find myself less worried about doing my hair right and wearing makeup all the time… I just give myself permission to explore the world and show up as I am.  Honestly, it is downright liberating!  And then when I do decide to get all dolled up and fancy, it feels more magical because there is a novelty to it again.

❤ Diana Banana

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  1. June 18, 2012 7:04 pm

    Method 3 is all about being a hippie. Free yourself from all outside influences and be yourself – explore and play!

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