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things are brewing

February 18, 2012

not to sound like a total emo, lamenty, struggling artist cliche, but here i go:

it’s hard (and wonderful) to be an artist.  it feels like any moment i could just burst with so much inspiration and no matter how much time i spend on my various creative projects there are always more waiting in the que, and time goes by so quickly when im working on something artistic that i can see how life could just float by.

it’s the best.  and it’s maybe sometimes too much.

i have these moments of knowing, weather it’s knowing what colors to alter in my painting or what to write about next, or knowing how to better live my life… and with that knowing comes the responsibility of follow-through.  and when you are having these moments frequently it’s great and it’s healthy  and it’s exciting and it gives a sense of direction…. and it also overwhelms.  it can be unrealistic to take on the responsibility of every single element.  maybe i just haven’t figured out that balancing act yet.

but here’s one thing i know: in the struggle to do anything worthwhile, two things are important–

1) letting yourself want it (and want it soooo much!)

and 2) believing you can have it.  you can have it because you can manifest it.

and i only know because these are the two things i am confronting full-on these days.  it’s awesome and intense.

stay tuned for my detailed plan of action!  things are brewing in diana banana land.

❤ Diana Banana

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