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daily movement reflections

March 17, 2011

In February I did an experiment: I wanted to become addicted to moving every day simply by doing so for the entire month.  Did it work?  Yes and no.

I definitely started to see the physical and emotional benefits of daily motion.  I felt invigorated without being jostled by intense spikes of activity.  I started to love the slower, gentler forms of exercise so much that I didn’t even feel emotionally like I was working out anymore.  I typically equate working out with some form of emotional struggle – even if just a slight one – but going on hikes and doing yoga didn’t feel at all like obligations to grapple with.  I am completely sold on yoga now, by the way.  I watched yoga disrobe itself and saw my own reflection, my best reflection.  Yoga is, in short, the perfect form of exercise for me.  It allows for intentional movement and care/communication within the self, and although I have been working on these things for years, I am still in desperate need.  I don’t think I will ever stop needing this.

The downside?  Yoga and hiking have pretty much ruined the gym for me.  That loud, sterile warehouse has become absolutely alarming after spending my days wandering in the Oakland hills and evenings in the dark, warm yoga studio.  It feels good physically to do cardio machines, so I will continue to do so, but my emotional resistance to going to the gym has definitely augmented since before Daily Motion Month.  But that, like anything, is something I can work with and work through.

The other noteworthy outcome of Daily Motion Month was my realization that my knee continues to be a major issue.  By placing more awareness on my body, I have begun to see how my birth-defective left knee has impacted the way my entire body moves and has created some intense tension on my left side, especially in my hamstrings and hips.  My body is in a perpetual state of a-symmetry, and my knee itself constantly feels like there is some kind of internal activity going on.  This sensation is not usually pain, per se, but my left knee is not usually at peace either.  As I stretch that side of my body more and try to hold my knee in positions that feel good while I’m resting, I can feel my knee struggling to find proper alignment, like it is shifting slightly.  I think it may be resetting itself in a better position, but I have to be careful throughout this process.  It is so important for me to acknowledge this reality and not live under the denial-laced assumption that my knee is  normal and that I can somehow magically will all activities to be safe.  There is no magic in turning a blind eye; there is magic only in awareness.

❤ Diana Banana

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  1. March 17, 2011 1:16 pm

    I am on day 20 of my daily activity routine and it has changed my POV too. Less can be more! Have you seen a podiatrist re your knee? It could help to get some support so it doesn’t plague you in the future. Awareness is awesome.

    • March 17, 2011 2:14 pm

      That’s so awesome! I noticed you were doing something of the kind and I have been silently cheering you on. Less CAN be more! I love it.

      I saw a podiatrist a few years ago, but he specialized in sports injuries and somehow could not wrap his mind around the fact that my knee was damaged since birth and did not have one primary time of injury. He really couldn’t do much for me. I need to find the right doctor so that, hopefully, I can get the support I need. It’s something that is pushing its way to the forefront of my mind…. thanks for the nudge.

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