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to november i say “i do”

November 1, 2010

You know how people who have been in a committed relationship for a long time have periodic milestones that provide an opportunity to take stock and re-commit in some way to the relationship?  Anniversaries, engagement, weddings, commitment ceremonies and vow renewal ceremonies are all traditions containing the potential to wake people up, to bring people into that sacred place where we can see everything in proper proportions, to show people what matters most and what incredible gifts are built into our everyday lives.

I think I need one of these milestones right now for my relationship with my body.  It has been nearly two years since I started relating to and caring for my body in a healthy way, and I have slowly lost touch with the potency of some of the truths I held when I began:

*I only have one body for this life, and I am thankful for it

*My body and my mind and my emotional state are all interconnected

*I deserve to be healthy in all senses of the word

*Life is better when my body feels nourished and engaged in the world

I have decided that, as it is November 1, it’s a great time to make my own milestone.  November will be my month for recommitting myself to my body’s needs.  It is a fairly intense month to choose for this, since lots of my grad school applications are due Dec. 1, but I think this tricky timing will actually teach me a valuable lesson that I currently only believe intellectually: nothing in life is a good excuse to neglect your body.

There is no such thing as benefiting from “saving time” not exercising.  That time will be spent instead not being able to concentrate or sleep as well or just sitting around feeling guilty for not taking good care of yourself.  And it is not just an issue of time; this is about feeding all parts of yourself in order to be your best whole self in everything you do.

I apologize if any of this sounds redundant in relation to my other blog entries.  I am writing lessons as I learn them, and the interesting thing I am noticing is that lessons come in cycles, sometimes multiple cycles, as many cycles as necessary to fully incorporate their truths.

Feel free to comment with any other montras or words of wisdom that are helpful to you right now 🙂

❤ Diana Banana

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