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I’m a dolphin!

June 14, 2010

Ahhh, hello summer!

I must admit: in my less active days, I was not a big fan of summer time… I preferred the melancholy stillness of the winter, the excuse to bundle up in sweatpants or PJs and sit around inside, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies.  Of course I still love those moments… probably even more than before, in a sense.  When you have been active and engaged with the outdoors, everything else is better, even the quiet moments.

I have noticed that in the past year I’ve been charmed by each season and what it has to bring, not just the quiet rainy season.  Again it comes back to balancing the whole:  the more I love each season, the more I love all seasons.

One of the surprising benefits of getting back in touch with my body has been getting back in touch with nature and my love of the outdoors.  As it turns out, I actually love summer!  I love sunbathing and fresh fruit and the late hours of sunlight.  I love that everyone hangs out more outside.  My enjoyment for the summer heat is new and unfamiliar, and I am finding that I am surprised by the absence of my resistance to taking part in summertime activities.

This weekend I went to my first pool party of the season and it was AWESOME.  I must have stayed in the water for 4 hours straight.  I’ve been swimming laps a bit more often these past few weeks, which has been great too, but somehow just playing in the water on Saturday triggered something in me:  I was made to be in the water! I do not like being earthbound all the time.

I remember now how much I loved being in the water when I was a kid.  My water-mammal nature had gone into latency, but it has always been there.  On vacations to San Diego or Hawaii I would spend each day submerged in whatever body of water was available: ocean, pool, hot tub, waterfall, lake.  I would refuse to come out.  I have a clear memory of being literally dragged out of the ocean back onto the shore by my parents!  My dad used to call me a Water Rat, which was endearing in its way, but on Saturday in the pool I definitely felt more like a Dolphin  :0)

In the water I feel graceful and strong and agile.  I feel like exploring and moving my body more.  I can stay in the water for hours, even in cold water, and keep myself warm by swimming around.  It simply feels right ❤

In other news, I continue to lift weights, though I am getting a bit tired of being constantly sore.  I think swimming more and stretching more will balance this out nicely.

I also caught up with my doctor’s appointments!  It was not fun but not as horrible as I had imagined either.  I didn’t quite meet the deadline I set for myself in my Doctor Phobia entry, but it was close, and I think sometimes making deadlines for yourself has little to do with the actual deadline and more to do with showing yourself what is important to you.  In following through with these items, you maintain integrity and build trust with yourself.

And although I’m not making a deadline or a specific goal for it, I now know how vitally important it is for me to spend more time in the water.

❤ Diana Banana

image courtesy of,550×550,075,f.dolphin-curiosity-oil-painting.jpg

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  1. Jody Savage permalink
    June 19, 2010 10:53 pm

    So thoughtful and so well expressed! I love this entry! And BIG CONGRATS on the doctor thing — Inspiring too!

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